$6,500 is our first contribution to Free a Girl

In just ONE week we contributed $US6,500 to Free A Girl.

The last week of June 2019 in Amsterdam was the opportune time to launch.  Why? It is the home of Free A Girl and we were attending an event with 2,000 business owners and operators.  

We made a huge impact with The-Silk-Project scarf, our message and our X Factor - With a silk scarf you will help to save an innocent life.

A special moment where I had to pinch myself!!  As I sat with the Founder of our chosen charity Free A Girl, Evelien Hölsken, it touched my heart to see the movement we were creating.  The-Silk-Project was well received and the feedback was so positive.  Above is a selfie of us both.

And from this event in Amsterdam, in just one week, we raised $US6,500 to contribute to Free A Girl. All from the sales of our scarves and ribbons, and direct contributions to the charity. The host of the event, Tony Robbins, generously and graciously signed one of our scarves. This special scarf was auctioned at the event and raised $1,000. 

With each $1,000 we donate, we are helping to free and rehabilitate a girl from sexual slavery.

We took selfies of people enjoying the ribbon campaign. This was all about creating awareness and contribution to Free A Girl. All proceeds of the ribbons went directly to the cause. It’s incredible how something so simple could unite so many in the one event.  

Due to the success of the ribbon campaign, we are going to make them available at The-Silk-Project online shop.  Of course, as a The-Silk-Project subscriber, you will be the first to know when.

I am truly GRATEFUL for all our supporters and followers along the way.  It means so much to be contributing to saving and rehabilitating girls from forced prostitution. 

WE have started a movement.

Thank you.
Looking forward to when we next meet.
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Ursula & Isabelle