It takes a Village...

Some days I have to take a moment and go ‘WOW’.  I’m so grateful for everything to do with The-Silk-Project and the team that we have become.  

On my way to Europe I had a stopover at Hong Kong and China to learn more about our silk production and check in that we were all on track.  And we are on track.
Our first orders are on their way - SO exciting!

What amazed me even more was to discover the factory in Hangzhou and then drive for 3 hours along The Silk Road to Suzhou where each of our scarf’s hems are sewn by hand.  Both places are known for their silk and are where you will find the best quality of silk in China.  Suzhou is also famous for silk embroidery. They have been all about silk for thousands of years.  And silk has been travelling along The Silk Road to locations around the world since 200BC.

In Suzhou, I was so humbled to meet with Madame Ge, who has been hemming silk for 20 years.  I sat with her while she hemmed our first FREE A GIRL scarf hem - it takes thirty minutes to sew the hems of one scarf.  We sat in her tiny workshop with a wall full of thread.  I watched her split each thread into 3. And she has a team of women from her village who stop by to collect their share of scarfs and thread to hem.  I can’t tell you how special it was to share this experience with Madame Ge.  One beautiful elderly woman stopped by, and I asked her how long she had been hemming, and she smiled, and said “only 17 years, and before that another 20 years embroidering silk onto full costumes and clothing for the wealthy”.

So much love was shared about the scarf, Madame Ge’s talent, our journey with The-Silk-Project and being a woman and mother in 2019.  I was thrilled to acknowledge that our scarf, born from a simple idea to bring light to such a horrid issue of sexual slavery, could unite so many.  It made me feel so grateful for all that we are doing to help make our world a better place.

And here are some of the pics of this wonderful experience - that stunning wall of thread and me with Madame Ge in Suzhou.



I can’t wait to tell you more about my travels.  Watch this space!!

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Thanks for your support.  We are grateful to you all who helped to make The Silk Project happen.

With Love,
Ursula and Isabelle,
and the team at THE-SILK-PROJECT