This Is WHY We Do What We Do

To all the Goddess Warriors out there
T H A N K Y O U 
Each scarf helps free a girl from slavery


“I love my scarf. I’m going to get one for mum for Christmas.” Sandy M

“It’s so hard to find meaningful gifts for my wife.” John M

“Whenever I wear the scarf, people are always asking me about it. I tell them that The Silk Project makes these exquisite scarves in fashionable colours that are all about making the world a better place.” Jennifer A 

"All too often we do what we “think” we should. What others tell us to. What our parents want us to (they want the best for us!). If you have found yourself wondering what’s next, or knowing that you need to make a change in your life... I would share that to trust YOURSELF will be the best thing you ever do. It’s scary to not know the answer, but to have faith is one of the most beautiful things. ⁣

So if you’re reading this & waiting for a sign... this is it. Do that thing you’ve been holding back on. Make the decision that scares you. Life is short! Months fly by... and you’ll realize that doing the things that scare you ultimately empower you & make life amazing. "

Author, Speaker, Healer, Youtuber

“Wearing my @thesilkproject #silkscarf. These scarves are so beautiful and the quality is worth more than their price.” Alex P

We would love to see how your wear your scarf, share with us a testimonial, or send a photo of you wearing The-Silk-Project, and you will automatically go into a draw to win a scarf for you, or your friend.


“ I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself. “ EMMA STONE

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the WOMAN. ” COCO CHANEL

We are committed to helping free 1,000 girls from sexual slavery. How? We donate $50 from every scarf purchase to Free a Girl, an organisation that helps recover girls from the heinous crime of sexual prostitution. 
Will YOU help us change the life of a girl in need?