“WHY? Of All The Charities In The World Did You Choose Free A Girl?”

Everyone asks us this question. 

We chose Free a girl as our first project to bring light to a global hard hitting issue, something that is so hideous, people find it confronting; the trafficking of young girls and boys for sexual slavery. We must become the voice of those who cannot speak. 

Through our beautiful, luxurious silk scarf, YOU are making a difference and YOU are starting to create the conversation. YOU are part of a movement to end this heinous crime.  

What moved Ursula and Isabelle even more, was that child prositution does not discriminate. It can be in any local suburb in any country in the world. It is not limited to third world countries. For this reason, and all the good that Free a Girl brings into this world, it was our perfect first collaboration.

How does Free a Girl help to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children?

  • By working with local organisations in different countries like India, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Thailand, Nepal and Brazil. 
  • By empowering girls to become lawyers and invest in social enterprises for the reintegration of survivors. Visit HERE (Free a Girl and School for Justice)
  • Preventing child prostitution through border interceptions.
  • Investing in education of sex workers so they have a chance to escape the red light district.
  • Fighting for impunity and justice of ISIS survivors with Yazda and the team of Amal Clooney.


Meet the amazing people behind Free a Girl.

Pictured here left-to-right are Co-Founders Roelof van Laar, Evelien Hölsken,
Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau and Arjan Erkel.


This week we want to highlight Arjan Erkel. 

What an incredible story of SURVIVAL.

When Arjan was on assignment with Doctors without Borders in 2002, he was KIDNAPPED and IMPRISONED high up in the Caucausian Mountains for 20 MONTHS. He was 32 years old.



Arjan’s Courage, Strength and Self Belief

“For 20 months masked men locked me up in a 3 square meter cabin under the ground. Every day could be my last. It was an ordeal I never expected to live through, but once I was in the middle of it, I had to learn how to cope with the new circumstances.

During my kidnapping I put all my effort to gain back my inner and outer freedom. This meant to fight against fear, to increase my courage, to bond with my principles, to increase my flexibility and to strengthen my beliefs, my values, dreams and desires.

I also had to bond with my kidnappers. To win their approval and empathy so they would start to improve my conditions.” - Arjan


“After my release I felt like I got a second chance. 


For me freedom results in a life with more challenges, more possibilities, more passion, more creativity and more flexibility.

It became my mission to assist people in their quest for freedom. 

Freedom is about taking responsibility and ownership about life, but also about giving other people space to live their life in such a way that they can fully flourish and develop their talents and reach their goals.

One way of doing this is through the work of the foundation Free a Girl that I Co-Founded. Free a Girl is dedicated freeing young girls from forced prostitution. Since 2008 we freed more than 4,500 girls and gave them a second chance.” - Arjan

Thank you Arjan and thank you Free a Girl.

To find out more about Free A Girl click www.freeagirl.nl

We are happy to announce that The-Silk-Project website is now translated into Dutch.

WE have started an international movement.

Join our movement The-Silk-Project and purchase a beautiful silk scarf and contribute 25% of the proceeds to Free a Girl, click HERE

WE have started a movement.
Thank you.
Looking forward to when we next meet.
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Ursula & Isabelle
Founders of The-Silk-Project