Uncertain times create a lot of chaos, which can create feelings of not having any control of things.
But, now more than ever, we need to keep things moving forward! There's still important work to be done.
I launched The Silk Project out of my passion to give, and this year the project is supporting Free A Girl, a vital organization that frees women from forced sexual slavery. 
Times are tough, but we're not blind to the need to raise money and awareness for their mission, now more than ever.
You can help, and it's easy.
Choose the colour you like, order it, and we will send it to you FREE if you cover the shipping. (It's normally US$44), but you pay only for postage US$9.95.


On April 4, we want you to take a photo of yourself with our Zazou ribbon as you see in the photo, and simply add the hashtag #thesilkproject. Our goal is to create a ripple effect with these images showing up in our networks feeds. Imagine the the HELP we could contribute.  

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