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Ursula and Isabelle, friends for nearly 30 years, were sitting on Venice Beach, in California, during the summer of 2018. They were excitedly talking about what was next for them... they had both had successful careers as entrepreneurs, and knew that they were ready to make a great impact, and contribute to those who could benefit from all their years of experience and expertise. They decided to merge their talents to create THE-SILK-PROJECT.

Both were ready to make a change in peoples lives, and change the way people helped others. 

They wanted to offer people an exquisite experience, whilst also bringing joy to those less fortunate.

And they wanted those people who wore the scarves to be a part of a collective group of people, who could wear their scarves with pride and love, knowing that they have contributed to the well-being of others. 

Their scarf is more than a donation. It is more than a symbol of love. It is a unification of humanity. Wearing the scarf will join us, in our mission, and our vision. Collectively we are powerful. 


Ursula ZAOUI (AUS)  

Ursula, French-Australian, has founded several successful businesses. She has a lifelong love of fashion, the arts, the creative process and finding purpose within her chosen profession. As Ursula says: “With THE-SILK-PROJECT, I hope something beautiful can also help tackle the truly unthinkable crimes being committed in the world today.”


Ursula has fond memories of her mother and grandmother wearing elegant silk scarves. She inherited dozens of elegant scarves, and wears them regularly. She loves the way scarves pull an outfit together, and create a unique and personal touch, “I imagine a confident woman walking along a Parisian street in the summer, the bold shades of this design catching the eyes of others and making them smile. What they don’t know is that same scarf also helped fund to free someone from extreme pain or misery. This is what drives me every day.”


Isabelle HASSAN (FRA)

Isabelle, based in Paris, has spent the last 30 years in the fashion industry, producing high-quality garments for international clients. Her savoir-faire in the industry brings expertise to THE-SILK-PROJECT. She brings modern vision to the project, and finds the challenge of setting the company apart from other fashion labels, exhilarating. She has a strong desire to help bring awareness to charities that need more support. 

Isabelle loved the idea of bringing all her talents into one business. She often refers to the company as having 3 pillars; Fashion, art and charity, the perfect combination.




Like any great business, you are a sum of great people, which is why we have formed a truly collaborate and passionate group.

We are blessed to have the support of experts in the following areas:


Margaret SPARKS - Financial advisor (USA)

Susan Wynne - Charity advisor (AUS)

Ginger ZUMAETA - Marketing (USA)

Melissa RANKINE - PR (AUS)

Alexandra POENARU-PHILP - Artistic Direction (FR)





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